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Unity3d 4.0 Beta 5  

2012-08-02 20:49:20|  分类: Unity3D |  标签: |举报 |字号 订阅

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Android: Exposed control over SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_LOW_PROFILE ("lights-out" mode) through Screen.fullScreen.
Scene View: Show small icon next to Scene Gizmo label showing whether Scene View is in perspetive or isometric mode.
Scene View: When in axis-aligned view such as "Right", always show that in label and not "Iso" or "Persp".
Scene View - Mac: Make Scene View swipe gestures math the SceneView Gizmos
Editor: Clean up indentation logic so LooksLikeInspector & LooksLikeControls are more similar
Shaders: Vertex shader inputs don't have to come from a struct with predefined names anymore. Just use proper semantics and you're good now.
Flash: Dramatic memory usage reduction.
Flash: Optimizations by recycling actionscript objects for value types such as Vector3, and by being smarter about when to not have to copy them.

iOS: PVRTC compressor updated.
iOS: added iOS 6.0 OS target.


Added overloads to EditorGUI.IntSlider so it can take SerializedProperties
Android: Enforce that System.Net.Sockets use is only allowed with an Android Pro license.
Android: Added workaround for ARM Mali-400 GL ES 1.1 drivers sometime referencing disabled vertex attrs (causes a crash).
Android: Script debugging yields/coroutines could sometimes cause a crash - this has been fixed.
Android: Application.streamingAssetsPath was incorrectly adding a slash before the jar delimiter (/!).
Android: Fixed failing to build signed APKs on Windows.
Audio: Fixed the length property of an AudioClip to be more accurate in the case of MP3s.
Editor: Display names of colliding enumeration values in inspector
Editor: Fixed problem with the Asset Store window on retina display Macbook Pros.
Editor: Fixed hang while closing if plugins had created their own native threads.
Editor: Fix odd drawing behavior when attempting to resize welcome screen.
Editor: GUI.color is reset properly for every CustomEditor
Editor: Fix keyboard Input handling in Asset Store window on OS X 10.8 (also in 3.5.5).
Editor: Fixed profiler causing an Out of Memory error in the console.
IMGUI: Fix BeginHorizontal not displaying content/tooltip when using GUIStyle.none.
Networking: Fixed case where a MasterServerEvent.HostListReceived was triggered for each host in a host list.
Networking: Fixed problem with connecting to password protected servers with NAT punchthrough.
Graphics: Fixed errors with statically batched meshes that are later modified by a script.
Graphics: Fixed issue with Deferred rendering and wireframe Scene View mode.
Graphics: Fixed Projector frustum culling issue when occlusion culling is baked (also coming into 3.5.x soon)
Windows: Fixed issues with 64-bit player not launching when non-latin characters in path
Javascript: Fixed error checking for array indices.
Javascript: Fixed regression on 'not in' operator. Operator has been brought back.
Javascript: Introduced 'for each' syntax for better compatibility with other javascript dialects.
iOS: various orientation fixes
iOS: corrected texture atlas padding
iOS: ReadPixels fixed for iOS 6.0
iOS: fixed skinning corrupting UVs
iOS: fixed crash on suspending app while playing video
Scripting: Fix crash when a component destroys itself while AddComponent is trying to create it.
Scripting: Fix crash calling Resources.Load before resources have been imported.
Physics: Fix colliders being properly inactive when they are on inactive child game objects of the rigidbody.
Physics: Fix collision between two triggers to send OnTriggerEnter events to both triggers and both rigidbodies for consistent results.
Web Player: Application.dataPath will now work correctly if the player URLs has slash characters in the url parameters.
Flash: Make AsyncOperation work.
Flash: Fix division by long and ulong.
Flash: Fix bug where assigning a struct to an object or interface would introduce two pointers to the same struct instead of two copies.

The following are changes and fixes to 4.0 features and regressions...


Linux: Implemented -screen-width and -screen-height command-line arguments for player.
Graphics: Texture3D objects can be serialized now, and have a dedicated inspector.
iOS: dynamic font subsystem startup time optimized.
Mecanim: Animator Tool now display which controller is edited at the bottom of the window.
Mecanim: Optimize Avatar auto-mapping.
Mecanim: Undo鈥檚 for graph node move.
Mecanim: Transition deletion by pressing delete key.
Mecanim: Remove unneeded hips muscles. 3 curves less in Muscle Clips.
Mecanim: More intuitive IK Goal orientation. Hands and feet goals orientation can now be easily set using front and up vector.
Mecanim: Better handling of FBX name prefixes in Avatar setup.
Mecanim: Support keeping authored pivot and rotation in muscle clip setup.
Mecanim: Compute trajectory height based on feet motion for muscle clip.
Mecanim: Renamed Mecanim 鈥淓vents鈥? to 鈥淧arameters鈥?.
Mecanim: Revamp Additional Curve Editor. It now uses same UI controls as in Animation Window. Display Keyframe on curve preview window.
Mecanim: Cancel creating a new transition by clicking on the graph background.


Text Markup: Rich text is now enabled by default for all GUIStyles, GUITexts and TextMeshes.
Project Browser
Added option for switching the layout to one column mode (old project window style). Find the switch in the project window menu (upper right corner). Note that favorties is only available in two columns mode.
Clearing search now frames any selection made during search
Save favorites button fixed
Ensure Assets folder is selected when loading a project that is different than the last project
Search mode (selected folder vs all assets) is now persisted
Export package now works properly in folder tree
Context menu issues fixed
Left/right arrow keys now works in rename field in right column
iOS: ARMv6 runtime removed from build.
Linux: batchmode implemented correctly

Linux: implemented correct workaround for buggy ATI drivers for Radeon HD 5000 and 6000 series cards.
Graphics: Fixed Shuriken crash after creating a sub-emitter at birth and enabling rotation over lifetime.
Editor: Wireframe scene view mode uses unlit single color shaders again, just like in 3.x.
Editor: Fix model importer inspector array out of bounds error when reverting.
Editor: Fix NaCl build settings.
Editor: Fix asset importers keeping their values when scripts have been recompiled.
Mecanim: Correctly handle Mac shortcuts in graphs (CMD+Delete & Ctrl+Left Click)
Mecanim: BlendTree graph updates correctly after changing a BlendTree's name in the inspector.
Mecanim: State inspector's transition list updates correctly after adding a transition in the StateMachine graph.
Mecanim: Fixes Apply/revert button in Avatar setup tools, inspector was not detecting some change and thus these buttons stayed gray out.
Mecanim: Fixes a bug on android only. Avatar hips was badly oriented in some case.
Mecanim: Project with Animator component could become invalid after deleting library folder or when importing a a project for the first time.
Mecanim: Match Target now match rotation correctly.
Mecanim: Fix get target position and orientation for body, feet and hands targets.
Mecanim: Many fixes to 鈥淭ransition Editor鈥? should be now fully functional.
Mac OS X Standalone: Fix image effects & FSAA in new fullscreen mode.
Mac OS X Standalone: Make new fullscreen mode work on retina displays.
Mac OS X Standalone: Fix mouse position in new fullscreen mode.

Known Issues

Mobile: We changed the way Texture2D.ReadPixels works. Now, if you do call it during Update (or, generally, not during rendering frame) to grab the copy of the screen, the call will be deferred to the end of the current frame. Due to this, logic behind Apply was changed too. What you need to do if you use ReadPixels to read pixels from the screen:
if you just grab screen copy and call Apply, you are good to go: both calls will be deferred to the end of the frame
if you grab screen copy, and do something with it, and call Apply after that: you need to defer all this to the next frame. The easiest way is to use coroutines with yield in between ReadPixels and your operations plus Apply.
On the other hand, you can always do ReadPixels in Camera's OnPostRender, or when you have active RenderTexture.
Editor: We dropped IMGTech standalone PVR Compressor, and built our own using their PVRTCLib. We do handle most of the options, but we do allow only one form of args with params: -arg<param>.
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